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"What We Think, We Become"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Cakes. Trends, Art & Love....

Typically, when you think of a wedding cake, you think of a three-tiered, buttercream cake, with roses displayed all over the it... Used to be you'd go to the local supermarket and place your order for a typical, ordinary wedding cake just as all the others before it... Not anymore. Nowadays Cake Artists have taken the invention of the wedding cake, and have turned into a work of Art... Cake Artist all over the country have taken on the idea of what you 'Really' want out of your wedding cake & giving it to you.... There are so many new products & inventions for decorating a cake anymore, that designing a cake to your specifications is anything but impossible, anything from a 3-dimensional camera, to a 3-dimensional dog, to even a pair of 3 ft high disco heels, or your favorite Louis Vouitton purse.... The possiblilities are nearly limitless... Alot of couples have non-traditional wedding cakes made, to represent a part of themselves to make the event all that more meaningful, and as well to share with their wedding guests.... Wedding cake trends have taken on a whole new meaning anymore too... There are so many diff. ways that a couple may choose to have their cake, for instance, instead of having a massive tiered cake, and slicing it for each guests, some couples choose to go for a single cake made just for them to cut, and then have matching mini-cakes or cupcakes for the guests... Not only does it save on other exspenses of plates and silverware, but it can also be a more eco-friendly way of not wasting paper plates or plastic ware.... There are many amazing things a cake can be, but all in all, when it comes down to it, the cake cutting of a cake is the first task a couple does together as a married couple, & for others it's their first "food fight" as a married couple....

Monday, June 13, 2011

25 "Likes" Accomplished :)))

So happy to say that we achieved our goal of getting our 25 "Likes" that we needed to become a public Facebook Page.... This is really exciting, & I want to "Thank" everyone that helped us reach it.... Special Thanks goes out to Hai Hai, and her friend Casey who got the 25th "Like"... They will receive a dozen cupcakes for that goal... And many Thanks to Bradley Clapp too, who sent several "likers" over to my Page, he too will be getting a dozen cupcakes as a Thank You for that help... Also, Bradley is building his own Page so please go on over to Batches of Bunnies Rabbitry, and hit "Like" there too..... I think this week I'm finally going to be able to get down to some decorating & hopefully by the weekend I'll pics of my first Cake up..... Can't wait to get it done, & really can't wait to get the feedback.... TTY'all soon..... M.C.@I.C.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

25 "Likes"

So I just realized that I need 25 "Likes" on Independent Cake's FB page, and I'm not quite there... I still have about 19 more to go & I really hope I get there by the end of next week.... So, anyone who reads this, if you would, pass this on to your friends and Liker's alike to go and Like my page Independent Cake.... I've also added an incentive to any who, for the time being, lives in my area who gets me to 25 "Likes" first will get a complimentary one dozen cupcakes..... TTYS....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IC Profile Image

So hopefully this weekend I will get to begin working on my cake for my profile image..... I have a couple of ideas for the inside of the cake, even though the outside is going to be pretty straight forward..... I'm thinking of taking my sheet cake pan and then slicing it into fourths, and stacking them onto one another... then I'm going to colour my buttercream in varying colours between each layer and then crumb coat & frost it in plain white buttercream & cover it in white fondant & add the details.... It should be a relatively easy process to do..... Can't wait to get started.....

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi everyone, welcome to Independent Cake's blog.... I'm sorta new at all of this blogging so please bare with me.... I recently created a facebook page for my hobby, cake decorating & designing.... I have been decorating on & off for about 3 to 4 years now & decided to get a lil more serious with it..... I'm creating an online portfolio for my creations and hope to eventually start taking requests from people in my area..... This is all really exciting, and I can't wait to get started.... Hopefully by sometime after the 4th of July I'll have pictures to post of my one of my first cakes.... I have a couple of ideas in mind already, but I can't share them with you yet.... However, I will say that eventually the sketch, that is now my image, is a rough draft of what will eventually be a cake for my blog and FB page..... I'm looking forward to hearing on any input from anyone.... TTYL.... -Misty@I.C.