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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Cakes. Trends, Art & Love....

Typically, when you think of a wedding cake, you think of a three-tiered, buttercream cake, with roses displayed all over the it... Used to be you'd go to the local supermarket and place your order for a typical, ordinary wedding cake just as all the others before it... Not anymore. Nowadays Cake Artists have taken the invention of the wedding cake, and have turned into a work of Art... Cake Artist all over the country have taken on the idea of what you 'Really' want out of your wedding cake & giving it to you.... There are so many new products & inventions for decorating a cake anymore, that designing a cake to your specifications is anything but impossible, anything from a 3-dimensional camera, to a 3-dimensional dog, to even a pair of 3 ft high disco heels, or your favorite Louis Vouitton purse.... The possiblilities are nearly limitless... Alot of couples have non-traditional wedding cakes made, to represent a part of themselves to make the event all that more meaningful, and as well to share with their wedding guests.... Wedding cake trends have taken on a whole new meaning anymore too... There are so many diff. ways that a couple may choose to have their cake, for instance, instead of having a massive tiered cake, and slicing it for each guests, some couples choose to go for a single cake made just for them to cut, and then have matching mini-cakes or cupcakes for the guests... Not only does it save on other exspenses of plates and silverware, but it can also be a more eco-friendly way of not wasting paper plates or plastic ware.... There are many amazing things a cake can be, but all in all, when it comes down to it, the cake cutting of a cake is the first task a couple does together as a married couple, & for others it's their first "food fight" as a married couple....

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