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Monday, June 13, 2011

25 "Likes" Accomplished :)))

So happy to say that we achieved our goal of getting our 25 "Likes" that we needed to become a public Facebook Page.... This is really exciting, & I want to "Thank" everyone that helped us reach it.... Special Thanks goes out to Hai Hai, and her friend Casey who got the 25th "Like"... They will receive a dozen cupcakes for that goal... And many Thanks to Bradley Clapp too, who sent several "likers" over to my Page, he too will be getting a dozen cupcakes as a Thank You for that help... Also, Bradley is building his own Page so please go on over to Batches of Bunnies Rabbitry, and hit "Like" there too..... I think this week I'm finally going to be able to get down to some decorating & hopefully by the weekend I'll pics of my first Cake up..... Can't wait to get it done, & really can't wait to get the feedback.... TTY'all soon..... M.C.@I.C.

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